The restaurant’s name ‘Mogami’ was named after the Mogami River in Yamagata prefecture which is our CEO’s hometown.
Probably this meaning of Mogami was already kept in employees’ mind?
It is now our belief to be the best and to be superior, which is the actual meaning of Mogami.
We put the best ingredients in batter and maximize the essential flavors of our incredients.
We welcome you all and do the best to offer you our best quality of Kushikatsu.

Our Philosophy

There are many kinds of deep fried food on a stick in the world but Kushikatsu is a Japanese food born in Osaka.
With our cooking techniques, we serve you fresh deep fried Kushikatsu with ingredients from the ocean, the mountain, the river and the hills.
Kushikatsu, skewered in one-bite size is so incredibly delicious.

Kushi (bamboo skewer)

We skewer meats and vegetables on a stick.  The Chinese character of Kanji ‘Kushi’ figures this food.
Kushiage is new compared with our traditional Japanese food like Sushi or Tempura but it is a modern Japanese food which we are proud of, and fits to Japanese modern lifestyle.
We skewer varieties of ingredients on a stick and this food is not so simple.
We deep fry only the same ingredients or sometimes mix different ingredients.
We carefully treat ingredients in order to maximize the flavors of ingredients and also work to show the dish beautiful to the eyes for customers.
We deep fry Kushiage skewers with specially blended oil in the iron pan.
Please enjoy our specially selected Kushiage 36 skewers with our special sauce.


Yamagata produces one of the best rice in Japan, which means it is a good place to make Sake.We offer delicious selections to match with Kushikatsu food.
We also have Yamagata wine made from Yamagata grapes (Yamagata is the 3rd prefecture of growing grapes in Japan).

【Our selections】
Sake: Mogamigawa, Ginreihatsumago, Debazakura, kudoki-Jozu and Tohokuizumi etc.)
Wine: Mogamino benibana, Hanayuki, Louis Vuitton, Chablis etc.

Utsuwa (Plate)

Yamagata prefecture is ranked as the No1 of producing ‘koma’ (pieces of Japanese Shogi chess).
We serve you with a plate which figures ‘koma’ and put our special sauce and seasoning on it and serve you fresh deep fried skewers, hot from the fryer.
If you order drinks, we will bring you the ‘Koma’, which name of the drink is written on it, so please enjoy with your eyes, too.

Saku (hand made)

We will give you some Yamagata crafts when you leave the restaurant as souvenir.These are hand made by children in Aikouen in Yamagata prefecture.
We sell chopsticks for souvenir, too.

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